Truly tempting vegan chocolates

It had been years since I’ve visited York. The last time involved leaving, not so much on a jet plane but a steam engine. This time I arrived on the regular train, from Leeds. As I’d left Leeds the number of hens and stags alighting was staggering and as I arrived in York the number of them roaming the streets, a blaze of pinks and oranges and Hawaiian shirts, equally so.

This did not deter me from finding Tempt York, a plant-based chocolatier that had been recommended to me, along a little street called High Petergate within the city walls.

Tempt sells filled chocolates, chocolate bars, chocolate mice and various chocolate-covered delights, some of which are only available in store, so you’ll have to make a trip to York. You won’t regret it. The complete range online isn’t possible yet as everything is handmade by owner Karen Waller. I bought a small selection of filled chocolates, all wonderful, but shout-out to the black sesame and the coffee praline. Oh, and the caramels… I sent a photo to my vegan friend in Liverpool and she’s seriously considering making the trip cross-country.

I loved it so much that I went back the next day to buy two of their cute bars: Northern Monkey (‘milkt’ and peanut gianduja – this was absolutely delicious) and the hazelnut (‘milkt’ and big chunks of hazelnuts). Because there are no animal products, the creaminess comes from oats or nuts. And, because they’re only 30g each (£3.75) you know it’s perfectly acceptable to eat a whole bar in one go.