‘My wedding stuff was mistakenly delivered to neighbour – he took it to charity shop’

A woman was left devastated after “sentimental” items from her wedding fell into the hands of her neighbour and were mistakenly donated to charity.

TikTok user @dannirushby took to the social media platform in a desperate plea to seek her missing items from her special day.

In the video – which has surpassed over 114,000 views to date – Danni explained that her items were delivered accidentally delivered to her neighbour who’s “not all well”.

The young woman – who now moved from the UK to New Zealand – told viewers that items included her wedding guest book and her wedding bag.

“I’m hoping TikTok can come to my rescue because I’ve tried everything else and nothing’s worked,” she said.

“To cut a long story short – I shipped over lots of my own items from the UK to New Zealand where I live, but I went back to the UK to visit family.

“Couldn’t fit all of the stuff in the bag because the airline lost our luggage on the way back and me and my husband got married, so there was lots of stuff we couldn’t fit.

“It then got delivered by the courier to the wrong address, so we basically end up running around like headless chickens trying to find it because New Zealand post were no good trying to help us find it.”

The situation worsened as Danni then described how the items ended up in the wrong pair of hands and took a turn for the worst.

“It unfortunately fell into the hands of a neighbour who – it’s not for me to speculate, but I don’t think he’s all well,” she added. “He took all of our items to charity.”

“This included our wedding guest book and my wedding bag – lots of items that are incredibly sentimental to me – not to mention, lots of clothes that are not good to lose.

“So, I’m hoping by some miracle that if you’re from Auckland – and especially the north shore.

“These goods were donated to St Margaret’s Presbyterian Church Op Shop about a week – a week and a half ago now in Belmont.

“So, if you go op shopping there and you’ve bought anything from there in the last week or two – or if your mum goes there or your gran goes there if you could please check.”

Despite saying that she live without the items, Danni described the importance of them and “especially [her] wedding handbag”.

“The items I can live without, but my wedding bag I would absolutely loved to find because it’s so sentimental to me.

“It’s pearly – it’s like shell and pearly, it’s from Asos and it’s beautiful.

“I would love to buy it back off you and buy you another bag.”